Trimming for the Optimum Comfort, Performance, and Longevity of the Whole Horse

"I am focused on providing you with the hoof care services to help your horse grow the functional hoof he was intended to have, and become a happier, healthier horse in the process."

What I Do

The barefoot world has recently exploded with groundbreaking research supporting the natural function of the hoof.  We now have the information of how the structures of the hoof work together and the benefits of allowing the horse to use the hoof bare as nature intended.

If you have been involved with horses, even for a short period of time, chances are either you or someone you know has had to retire a horse due to some sort of hoof dysfunction.  Hoof pathology is an overwhelming career ending epidemic in our domestic horses today.

The horse’s hoof is not STATIC.  It is a dynamic ever adjusting, living structure.  Therefore the horse is not necessarily stuck with the hoof he has.  The condition of the hoof has more to do with the diet, environment, and stimulation it has been exposed to since birth than the genetics he received from sire and dam.  Most problems can be reversed, especially if caught early.  So don’t resign your beloved partner to the pasture just yet.  Remember the hoof is a living structure: able to heal, callous, regenerate.

Kirsten and Whisper

Kirsten and Whisper

Kirsten Proctor

For as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated by the function of the equine hoof. A very close friend told me that in the first grade I declared I was going to be a farrier. All these years later, my life still revolves around horses. Through my experiences I have developed a profound respect for the horse and a desire to help provide him with a more natural lifestyle.

In 2014 Kirsten was selected to be an Easyboot Team member!

So much more than just a trim

From foals to performance horses, the hoof needs a healthy horse to grow from, so I include a whole horse approach to my trimming.  Helping with diet and lifestyle changes that may be need in order to grow a happier hoof.

We trim in and around Saratoga County NY and will travel out of the area, contact us for more info. We practice natural horsemanship and follow the philosophies of horseman like Tom and Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman.

What We Do:

  • Maintenance Trims
  • Restorative Trims
  • Rehabilitation from Laminitis, Founder, Wall Cracks, Heel Contraction, and any other Hoof Pathology
  • Transitioning your horse from shoes to barefoot
  • Help with selection and fitting of hoof boots, glue on shells, hoof casting, and easy shoes