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The horse's hoof is not STATIC.  It is a dynamic, ever adjusting, living structure.   The condition of the hoof has more to do with the diet, environment, and stimulation it has been exposed to since birth than the genetics he received from sire and dam.  Most problems can be reversed, especially if caught early.  Therefore the horse is not necessarily stuck with the hoof he has.  Remember the hoof is a living structure: able to heal, callous, regenerate.  


If you have been involved with horses, even for a short period of time, chances are either you or someone you know has had to retire a horse due to some sort of hoof dysfunction.  Hoof pathology is an overwhelming career ending epidemic in our domestic horses today. 


The barefoot world has recently exploded with groundbreaking research, supporting the natural function of the hoof.  We now have the information of how the structures of the hoof work together and the benefits of allowing the horse to use the hoof bare as nature intended. 



I live in Saratoga County New York, and work in the surrounding areas.  I do travel outside this radius.  Contact me with any questions  you may have regarding a mini, donkey, pony, horse, or mule.


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