I am focused on providing the hoof care services and information to help the horse develop the functional hooves he was intended to  have. The Hoof needs a healthy happy horse to grow from so I include a whole horse approach, helping to work out a plan for diet and lifestyle changes the may be needed.    

Maintenance trims are for hooves without severe pathology.  The goal is to trim any excess growth before the hoof becomes imbalanced.  Once the hoof becomes overgrown, it throws off the proper mechanical balance of its internal structures, leading to discomfort and damage.

Rehabilitation from laminitis/founder, wall cracks, heel contraction, wall flare, and any other hoof pathology.


Transitioning from shoes to bare

Help with selection and fitting of hoof boots


Glue-on Composite Shells and Shoes


Dealer for Easycare, Renegade, & Scoot Boots

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